GSoC 2023 Report: Internationalization of Apertium Tools

GSoC 2023 Report: Internationalization of Apertium Tools

Report that describes what I have done during Google Summer of Code 2023 at Apertium

This project aims to internationalize Apertium tools so that they can be localized easily to other languages, which makes usage of Apertium tools easier for non-English users. I have done this by building and using a library that wraps ICU4C, which supports Unicode and internationalization.


  • Apertium is a rule-based machine translation toolchain and ecosystem.

  • Apertium tools were hard-coded as English only.

Achieved Goals

  • Internationalized Apertium tools.

  • Assigned codes to error/warning messages for easy search online.

  • Created a wiki page for each warning/error in the Apertium wiki (except for apertium-recursive and lexd repos).

Future Goals

  • Make wiki pages for apertium-recursive and lexd errors/warnings

  • More testing.

  • Simplify code and rephrase messages to be more useful.

  • Help in adding languages other than English (Localization).

Source Code